Christmas - all our laundromats open at normal hours


Why us?

The lowest prices
We are the cheapest laundry in Krakow! Every day we work to make our services as competitive as possible.
Soft water - less detergents
Water in laundries is softened, which is why it removes dirt better and does not need a lot of detergents. In addition, thanks to the softened water, the clothes are pleasing to the touch, even without the use of a rinse aid.
Self-service allows the laundry to be open 365 days a year! At your own pace you can choose the right program or drying temperature, put together and sort your clothes. However, if you need advice or help - call our helpline +48 666 111 119!
Professional equipment
Washing machines and dryers from leading manufacturers of laundry equipment guarantee world-class quality.
A large machine park
A washing machine and a dryer are enough to never have to wait for them!