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How to use?

Regardless of the capacity of the chosen washing machine, the washing procedure is the same.
We put clothes in the washing machine, close the door.
Select the desired program from 1 to 9 with the P button on the washing machine's display.
Put the detergents as shown in the figure next to the number of the selected program into the trays (A, B-powders C-liquid for rinsing) on ​​the upper part of the washing machine.
We deposit coins / banknotes into the laundry room and select the number of the washing machine.
The washing machine is started, we pick up the rest, the time to the end of washing is shown on the middle display of the washing machine.
Regardless of the capacity of the selected dryer, the procedure for drying is the same.
We put things in the dryer, close the door.
We deposit coins / bills into the laundry machine and choose the number of the dryer (repeat the operation until the desired drying time in minutes)
We choose the temperature of drying using the buttons on the dryer display, press the start button on the dryer.
We pick up the rest, the time to finish drying will appear on the center display of the dryer