Lubostroń - not working on Sundays


Pepepralnia use the most modern and at the same time proven solutions. We pay the greatest attention to the observations of our clients because it is them who allow us to constantly develop and improve the services we offer. We have been with you for over 6 years constantly developing and introducing innovative solutions for continuous improvement of our services.

The quality of washing
water used for washing is softened and filtered, thanks to which stains are easier to argue and clothes are nice to touch and do not deteriorate. The quality of water used for washing is the basis of success!
washing machines are fed from the beginning of the cycle with warm water, thanks to which the powder can start working immediately and does not have to wait for the water to heat up.
laundry machines are the best machines from the Belgian IPSO market leader in the laundry market.
a high coefficient of centrifugation will ensure faster drying.
different sizes of drums will allow you to match the washing machine to your needs.
The quality of drying
different drying temperatures guarantee the selection suitable for dried fabrics.
big drums means more space for clothes, so you can take out uncrumpled things.
cool down at the end of drying.

laundries open 365 days a year.
convenient self-service.
continuous improvement of the services offered.